Wake on Lan WOL - static public IP

please help, I have one older computer with static public IP from provider. Everything is set, from BIOS, from OS. From command prompt I found out that everything I need is running and that I'm not behind any router to check out ARP settings. My IP is static and public but after few seconds, it's not more than one minute, I am not able to wake that PC up. This is main issue in my point of view. On many threads all across the web I found many users which WOL forking only 5-10 minutes after shut down. Mine is working one minute maximum. And second on this is that I'm not able to set ARP because I'm not behind any router. In this case, isn't WOL supposed to work with BIOS and OS settings? Or is ARP an issue for static public IP too?
Thanks, I'm here online and already done a lot of research on that. If I can post something for better suport maybe I've already done that so please.
PS: Maybe BIOS upgrade? There is some WOL settings but not very clear.
go to control panel, click on network connections, right click on network adaptor and choose properties, I have a realtek adaptor, and there are advanced properties where you can set WOL, see if you have this option.

I have my WOL disabled as I do not want my pc to wake up, it is on 24/7.
Thank you but as I wrote before all of these settings I have set up properly. My network adapter keeps working all the time, magic packet and waking is set too. In BIOS everything seems fine. Waking on PCI devices, S1 state only. Even through command prompt it says my adapter is working for this feature. Anyway as I said my adapter stays on all the time. I found powercfg -devicequery wake_armed and it says my adapter is set and working for WOL.
Another thing from command prompt, no router was found then ipconfig/all. Again I've tried almost everything from all of those settings so please don't advice me to tick these basic settings or anything like that.
Does anyone know how to deal with IP losing connection with MAC even when there's no router behind? I've read about some ARP caching but it's router feature. I really don't know what to do. Only problem with WOL then hardware is working should be internal and dynamic IPs or not?
I am not sure what else to suggest, but my ISP provider has a toll free info number for help on internet questions, you might see if your isp provider will assist you. :)
I am not sure what else to suggest, but my ISP provider has a toll free info number for help on internet questions, you might see if your isp provider will assist you. :)
My ISP is quite opposite. He's just one on quite big network now. He has no time for support. He always takes care to get everybody online but that's all. In his full schedule he one day finally set my public static IP and even forgot to send me payment details so I have it free.
Sorry, I could not help further, you might repost your question to see if anyone else may be able to find a solution for you.

you can also post in forums that might be more knowledgeable about WOL, you have probable already been to this search page, if you do find a solution please post it here for any one else searching for your issue.
Yeah I will. Because I don't want anyone to depend on you. Sorry but do you seriously think that when I am capable of setting BIOS, capable of all OS settings and checking it through command prompt and never tried to search google? Of course, thanks! I'll try....:D
Dead thread without your replies would be better.