VPN for xp: Yes, Windscribe worx!

Discussion in 'Windows XP General Discussion' started by popsmoke, Jan 28, 2021.

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    Jan 12, 2021
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    As of this date I can confirm that WIndscribe works with XP. If I am telling you something you already know, just ignore this post. I don't use a VPN often, so I am not an expert on DNS leaks and geo-streaming unblocks. I was an early subscriber to PrivateInternetAccess and they grandfathered my pricing over the years. They also supported XP via an OPENVPN config file. OPENVPN was much clunkier than their ready-to-go app but XP users are generally grateful for table scraps. Late in 2020, PIA via OPENVPN stopped working. I dug around and found a PIA press release which basically says that WIN10 (a program that spies even on itself) was clearly the future, so that is the only version they are officially supporting from now on. I contracted PIA support (which used to be above average) and said, hey guys, nudge nudge wink wink, I get that you are not officially supporting XP anymore, but just give me a "known good" config for OPENVPN and we can stay pals. I received back a fairly mean reply to the effect that they thought the OPENVPN config for XP (as posted on their site) worked, but in fact no one had actually checked it in months and no one was going to bother checking it now. I then cancelled my sub and received no less than 8 emails from them urging me to rejoin before it was too late. Following which I went looking for another VPN at a good price that would work on XP. Thought it would be easy; It was not. I checked out about 10 VPNs in all, which meant reading the reviews and contacting support. Took a long time. Finally I determined that the best deal seemed to be Torguard because (a) it was known to work with with XP if you took the time to "create an XP VPN connection" using a native XP networking feature, and they had instructions. Also (b) there were many lifetime 50%-off coupons for Torguard buried around the net ... like an easter egg hunt. But I never actually pulled the trigger and took the sub. Yesterday I came across a review of Windscribe which said that it is robust, completely free for your first 10 gigs a month, and their legacy installer for XP was still supported. As I said, I don't use VPNs often, and free is always a good deal. Today I installed Windscribe on 3 of my XP machines (so far) and it seems to work fine. If you are curious do your own research. They are based in Canada and claim to keep minimal logs but, as the reviews say, Canada is a "5 eyes" country and one of the first to adopt the 2021 Reset. As always, buyer beware.
    popsmoke, Jan 28, 2021
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