USB not bootable??

I used magic iso to create an ISO and rufus to write it to a usb from two different Windows XP discs
The USBs it makes however are not booting my E machines EM250 10" netbook. The message it returns

For Atheros PCIE Ethernet Controller v1.0.0.5(01/22/09)
Check cable connection . . !
PXE-E63: Error while initializing the NIC
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM
No Bootable device -- Insert boot disk and press any key

What am I doing wrong?
I took the new drive unplugged the HD windows 10 in my desktop computer and used the CD I bought to install XP onto that drive. I dfidnt enter the code number off my Emachines. However when I put the drive into the EMachines it refuses to start from the new hard drive although the XP start screen appear briefly. Even safe mode refuses to run

However I returned the old drive into the EMachines and am now able to access the new drive via my 2.5" HD USB caddy Is there any programme which runs on XP I could use to clone the in situ drive onto the new one in the caddy and overwrite the current XP on it which only runs my desktop currently? Previously the new drive was unseen without windows on it.
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Sorry for the confusion. What I did was I unplugged the windows 10 hard drive in my desktop then plugged in the new destination drive for my emachines 10" netbook in its place (both are sata drives). I then changed the bios to boot from the XP cd I bought and inserted it in the CD Rom of my desktop. I was then able to install XP onto the new hard drive.

However upon putting that new drive into my netbook it refused to boot into the fresh XP on the drive. I am currently using a copy of Macrium Reflect Free (I downloaded its install file onto a usb and transferred it onto the netbook) to attempt to clone my netbooks original HD onto the new one via my external 2.5 hard drive case - as we speak it tells me this is 65% overall progress (fingers crossed) Originally the netbook could not see the uninstalled drive in the usb caddy at all but had no problem when XP was on it. Macrium is overwriting my efforts so hopefully that will solve the problem. It also created a booable USB with drivers etc as a recovery medium for me before installing the clone.
Well the above worked "kinda". I replaced the "cloned" XP drive into the EMachines EM250 and it booted me straight into EMachines hard drive recovery suite. From there I had to do a reinstall which backed up my original account to another folder but the bottom line is I now have my new hard drive working and can use the old one in the caddy to help restore my programmes etc. Perserverance pays!

PS I was in such a hurry with my desktop I reconnected the wrong hard drive in it as there were two and when I started it up it booted into Windows 7 I had forgotten was on there. I will have to reconnect its Windows 10 drive later.
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