USB card not detected at boot

My machine has USB ports as part of the motherboard and in addition I've just added a new USB card. I've done this because I suspect an occasional malfunction of the inbuilt ports with a KVM switch. The KVM switch connects my mouse and keyboard and I want to move this to the new USB card. However, when I boot, the new card is not recognised and the mouse and keyboard are inoperative (but they still work in the original ports). After Windows starts up, the new card is found and can then be used.

What do I have to do to be able to use the mouse/keyboard via the new card from boot up? Would a BIOS reset do this?
Thank you for the link. However, it only deals with USB issues directly associated with XP. My problem (non-recognition of certain USB ports) occurs prior to the operating system loading, during the BIOS stage.

try above

Things start getting interesting when you start connecting USB hubs. If you connect a USB hub to a USB port, then the port’s 500 mA must be shared between the USB hub and all of the devices connected to the hub. You can also daisy chain USB hubs. If you daisy chain USB hubs together, you can have up to five hubs connected in a series. Remember, though, that 500 mA must be sufficient to power all connected hubs and devices. A USB hub does consume power, even if no other devices are connected to it.

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