usb booting issue

i am using ibm thinkcentre p-4 256 mb ram, intel 82865G. on booting it shows media test failure,check cable. i was installing windows xp by bootable pen drive by rufus. the window gave an error on installation and terminated. now i m again trying to boot diffrent iso but it doesnt shows "press any key to boot from usb". when i manually select to boot from that usb, system simply restarts without giving any error message. wanna know what xactly i m doing wrong.
I have a dell dimension 3000, it will boot from several usb's pen drives such as Hiren's boot cd and others, but will not boot from usb for install with xp on a usb pen drive, I asked this question about my pc on the dell forum:

INSTALLING Full XP onto USB flash as a boot drive is not supported.

Hirens is WINPE not full XP. XP is not and will not be supported as a USB boot and run everything option.

You have to make an actual hard drive your boot disk.

above is one of the replies I received from my question., so this my be the same with your pc also, mine is over 10 years old
when i manually select to boot from usb, the light in usb blinks for once and then turn off and system restarts. what i am supposed to do now???
i m nt a tech geek, is my iso corrupt?? or is any other prblm?
you would have to get a usb cd drive, or replace your cd drive and use that to reinstall your os, the ISO should not be corrupt.

you may even have a key to restore your pc to factory settings:

Shut down your IBM laptop, then turn it back on. Press the "F1" key during the first boot screen. Navigate to the "Restore Factory Settings" option using the directional arrows on your keyboard. Highlight the option and press the "Enter" key.

above from here
i dont have access to usb cd drive, i live in a remote area. i m sr fr that. i mean i think the system doesnt supports usb devices until the os loads. there might be other way to get that..
the ability to boot from usb is irrelevant to the operating system, it is set in the BIOS or at boot by pressing F12 oor F11.

Did you look at the search page listed on how to access the factory settings on a thinkcenter??