unrecognized network adapter, driver won't install

1. with what did you identify the part?

2. what is the make, model, and model number of the pc?

3. laptop or desktop?

4. use the following and let me know the manufacturer and part number:

How To Find Drivers For An Unrecognized Device

1. Open Device Manager (Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager)
2. The hardware whose drivers are missing will appear as Unknown device, so it's easier to locate the device.
3. Right click on the unknown device and click on Properties.
4. Under the Properties window click on Details tab and select Device Instance Id from the drop down box.
5. You should see a code similar to this


6. The portion of the code highlighted in RED is the Vendor ID and the portion highlighted in GREEN is the Device ID. In this example:

Vendor ID = 8086
Device ID = 27DC

7. Once you have obtained both the IDs, proceed to


There you can either search for the vendor from the vendor ID or directly get information about the device along with the vendor name by searching with the device ID.

8. Then from there you can go directly to the hardware and/or the manufactureres website and get the driver.
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hi, thanks for the reply!

the pc with issue is a homemade desktop pc mini tower with BioStar P4M900-M4 Mo.
I opened the pc to identify the unrecognized NIC card as well as using Device Manager in windows XP.

Attached is the screen shot for my device manager and the Device instance ID shown for the NIC.
it only listed under DM as 'root\legacy_saskutil\0000'.


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uninstall the unknown device and then restart , are you still able to get to the internet with the other adaptor??

BEWARE - Not for Windows XP
Rating: 1/5
Look out - this card is for older versions of Windows only, not Windows XP. Although it's not obvious from the main page for this product on Amazon, Amazon is selling a 2001 version of the Siemens SpeedStream PCMIA 10/100 Ethernet Card (SS1012). As a result, there is no driver for Windows XP included. If you go to the Siemens website, you learn that there IS NO DRIVER for Windows XP for this product. Siemens later came out with a different version of the SS1012, and that different version does have a Windows XP driver. But for this older version sold by Amazon, only the earlier versions of Windows are supported. Wish I'd known that before I ordered this.

above is from here
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