Unable to Create Wireless Connection - Dell Vostro 200 - Using 802 USB


Im new to this Win XP Forum, but hoping someone can tell me how to Wirelessly Connect to the internet?

I am unable to Create Wireless Connection - using a old Dell Vostro 200 - Trying with 802 USB.

When plugged in, the computer reads it & puts out Dialog Box wanting to install.

I go to Network Connections, but am only offered a LAN option.

I found a what I thought was a good tutorial video in an English womans voice, and a similar starting out in a mans voice, and attempted to follow the instructions.

Start - Run - ncpa.cpl - OK/Enter

Pulls up a Network Connections Dialog Box, but only two (2) options appear:
Local Area Network

No Internet Network Type option comes up

No Wireless options appear as shown in mans voice video.

In womans voice instructed to do a second Run Command - taking me to Services, then instructions about Wireless Zero.

Neither of these videos were able to get my 802 USB plug functioning & installed?

Im wondering if there is a Wireless Network Card that is missing that I need to get either of those methods working to connect wirelessly?

Can anyone provide some recommendation's to help.

I thought I'd just plug in the 802 USB, follow a few set up commands & then it would be done, but did not work that way.

What am I missing ? A wireless card, different set up instructions?

Appreciate any assistance that might help.

Best regards,
From the symptoms you describe it seems as though you don't have the right drivers for that USB adapter. Can't offer much help without knowing the exact model of that USB adapter.

Appreciate your reply.

On the USB Plug itself it only says Tenda.... must be mfgr.
FCC ID: V7TW311M12

The computer displays this as New Hardware Found 802.11 n WLAN

I bought this at a computer place that had several, and picked this as just a Dongle type, not a longer stick type like a Flash Drive appearance.

Might another one have all the Drivers necessary to connect?

This is all the info I have on it.

Let me know.

If you're seeing "New Hardware Found 802.11 n WLAN" then it appears XP has successfully detected and installed the correct drivers. Reboot. Then go into Control Panel -> Network Connections, select the new WIFI adapter and on the left panel click "View available wireless networks".


You should see a list of WIFI networks in range.


Click on the one you want to connect to (you will need to know the password, I can't help you with that) and it should connect.
I know what you are talking about. but I am not getting these choices on this view.

Says found new hardware, now it wants to load drivers & asking for install CD.

Choice of available Wireless network is not showing up on Network Places.

Giving me Comcast, & LAN options to connect to Internet

Trying Comcast - Trying to connect dial-up thru WAN MiniPort.

There is something missing.

I've seen these screens before, & understand what you're saying, but not coming up?


Use flash drive or something like that?
Burn CD ?

On different computer?
Its asking if have provided CD.

Do that?
Appreciate & will try this.

But, if I unplug the adaptor, having it plugged in is what's asking in the Set Up Wizard to download from somewhere...?

Internet via LAN, CD

Where would I put these drivers into the computer?

What is the correct location in the Dell 200 that I'd put them in, since would not be using the Wizard?
Use a different computer to download the setup to a USB.

Follow my instructions.

Run the setup program from the USB making sure the Tenda adapter is NOT plugged in. Reboot. Plug in the Tenda adapter. The computer will begin installing drivers for the adapter.

Seeing your skill level I would not recommend XP. It no longer receives security updates and you will have a hard time finding software that will work with this legacy OS. All web browser developers have abandoned XP so many websites won't work properly (forget Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc.).

Back again... Sorry, got into a move had to take care of & had to walk away from this for awhile.
But, that's done & back to this now.

Downloaded the Tenda file from the link you sent me, to a USB drive.

Unplugged the Tenda adapter

Inserted USB into the XP computer & had to transfer it to the desktop, & tried to open, & see if Wizard would pop up.

Says the computer is unable to open the file?
Dialogue box opened asking for name of program created it to open, & then opened up list of programs on the computer.

Or, it said it could access the Internet to see what program to use? - Not happening...

I have no Internet access on this computer & is what I'm trying to get the computer to do.

I'm stuck right now... what program does it want to open the download?

Following your instructions - I believe anyway.

It's a RAR file, it's like a ZIP file but Windows can't open it without an external utility. They should have made it a ZIP file.
Download 7Zip (freeware) and install it in XP.

You will then be able to extract the contents of the U3V1.0-V0.12.2.6-Windows.rar file you downloaded to a folder on your PC. Go to the folder you extracted, making sure the USB WIFI dongle is NOT PLUGGED IN. Run setup.exe.


Plug in your USB WIFI and it should start installing all the correct drivers and you should then be able to connect to WIFI networks.