Two constand svchost.exe application errors that I have tried everything to fix.

I am having a headache in trying to figure out what is causing this dilemma. Everytime I startup, I get a svchost.exe application error. Sure I can click okay and proceed to load up the desktop but after the error, bad things start happening. In normal mode NOTHING is accessible, you can move the mouse and even click icons, but nothing launches and the taskbar stays in a state of non existence, as in moving the mouse over it or clicking the start button does absolutely nothing. I tried repairing the windows update files and everything I can think of, but nothing works. This is a major problem because I'm an expert in the computer and technology field and I can't figure out what is causing it and a solution to the problem. I will attach both screenshots of both svchost.exe app error crashes. Malwarebytes pro has even vanished from xp and I didn't even uninstall it and I know I have no viruses, it's svchost.exe crashing that is the issue. Please help as this is interfering with my work.


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Just curious is this XP a reinstall and this started? How many svc hosts show in files running? Did u add or delete a user account?
You do realize that the OP posted this question in 2012 and received no reply for 8 years? Chances are this was resolved a long time ago or they don't even own that PC anymore.
Nope. I need glasses. Lol. What happens is I'll answer one post. Then others come up and I get ahead of myself. Then start answering posts that show up. Can I config so the next question is sorted by DATE? I really am a Forum junkie. I love to challenge myself with something I enjoy. Cause of those factors this won't be the last. How about automatically shutting down [old threads] for this reason? I think it's in this forum's code. Maybe set it for a year or 180 days. Keep it up but shut off comments. Is there even an option to "report" to pause comments? This is time I can use on real OPEN threads. 8 years ago through?