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Discussion in 'Windows XP Installation and Setup' started by dustywoodworker, Sep 7, 2011.

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    Sep 3, 2011
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    I have an operational computer that was purchased from a small now defunct business. The computer was one of three that were networked through a server. The network was fully functional when shut down.

    The computers are all tagged with the Microsoft COA tag that is normally applied by the manufacturer.

    My Question: Can I use any XP Professional disk to reinstall the OS. The reason I need to do this is because there is an abundance of software on this computer that cannot be removed because it was all attached to that network and without the server being there the software will not uninstall. If I reformatted and reinstalled the OS that problem software would be gone.

    It would be my intent to use the XP disk but enter the product key that is on the computer. Will that work and is it legal?>

    PS: I do not have the various SPs on disk. Since Microsoft no longer supports XP will not having the SPs become an issue?
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    dustywoodworker, Sep 7, 2011
  2. dustywoodworker

    Arfer Daley

    Jul 25, 2013
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    i have three lenovo thinkpads one was a T43p and 2 T60p all have genuine serial codes on the underside of the laptops i borrowed and used a genuine xp pro install disk which says
    i done a clean operating systems on all three without any problem useing the codes that were afixed on the underside of the laptops

    forgot too say i had too put harddrive to compatible mode in bios too install as harddrives were sata windows could not see the drive once you are up anr running go too the retailers site for the laptop and see how too install sata drivers but too be honest i left mine in compatible mode and they run fine for the speed increase i dont think its worth the effort good luck with your quest
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    Arfer Daley, Jul 25, 2013
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