Trying to move my XP to a Notebook

Discussion in 'Windows XP Help and Support' started by xpSince2002, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Nov 26, 2012
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    1st of all, hello.

    Moderators feel free to move this thread if needed.

    My prime computer is an HP G56 notebook - RAM upgraded to 8GB (DDR2) - storage to 256GB SSD, Windows 7, Celeron 900 (meaning it's NOT multiprocessor, so can't virtualize)

    My previous computer is an HP Pavilion a1640n that has Windows xp SP3 pre-installed (i.e. no installation disk) Bought in 2006.

    What I want to do: Move Windows xp from my desktop to either a partition on my notebook's SSD or at least with an external hard drive plugged in. Again, my CPU can't virtualize, so I will have to choose my OS at boot time.

    I do everything on my notebook and intend to get rid of my desktop - that's why I want to move XP.

    Is there anyway to do this and get past any piracy concerns - I want to move XP from my desktop - NOT copy it.

    In advance, thank you.
    xpSince2002, Nov 26, 2012
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