True clone backup software

Hello All,

As I'm still an XP user it probably won't surprise anyone to hear that I'm using many old applications that are working just fine, thank you very much!

If I understand it correctly there are two distinct types of "clone" that can be made when you are doing a backup. One is an "image" which is a copy of data only, and the other is a true clone of the drive that you want to back up---data, programs, applications and everything else on that drive.

Since it probably wouldn't be possible for me to restore many of the applications that I use, I need a backup program that will make a "true clone" of everything on my hard disc, good, bad, and indifferent. Any suggestions?

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Brian Burns---Classical guitar maker
Acronis True image is the best program, but it is not free.

check your hard drive manufacturer's website, some of them will have Acronis for free with their drives.


you can do some reading on the above search page , I have read that some like macrium reflect, and some like xpclone, but do a little research and choose which imager you like.