too many copies of files in my documents

I'm new here and have a specific problem with my desktop, running xp sp3. This computer propagates copies of files on its own. There are over 450 copies of some files in My Documents. It started in smaller numbers but as one tried to delete the extras, it just kept adding more and more. This also happened in My Pictures once. We're afraid to do anything in My Documents because things just get worse. Its hard to locate anything in the folder because it's so huge. Some of the erroneous copies are in black print and some in blue. I don't know what other info you'd need to help me solve this but I can post it here if you just let me know what you need. I know just enough about this stuff to get me in trouble, but I don't think its anything I did. Thanks in advance, Ken
when you select a document to delete or copy any where, are you holding down the control key?

If you even slightly release the key or move your finger, it will duplicate files. see link below:


If you have your install cd, there is a folder called support tools that can be installed, and the only one you really need is dupfinder.exe

To install Windows Support Tools:

Insert the Windows XP CD-ROM in the drive.
Double-click My Computer, right-click the CD-ROM drive, and then click Explore.
Go to Support\Tools, and then double-click Setup.exe.
When the Windows Support Wizard starts, click Next.
Click I agree on the End User License Agreement.
Type your name and organization and click Next.
Click either the Typical or Complete installation type, and then click Next.
Verify the installation location, and then click Install.

The Windows Support Tools are installed to the folder specified in step eight and a Windows Support Tools folder is added to the Program Files folder on the Start menu.

NOTE: A more comprehensive version of this document is located at Support\Tools\Readme.htm on the Windows XP CD-ROM.

when you get this installed double click on dupfinder to start program, then choose browse and highlight your my documents folder, it will find all the duplicates and you can delete the dupes, you will have to delete them one at a time, I have not figured out how to do more than one at a time.


also it could be an infection, what is your current antivirus??

please do the following to insure a clean pc:

Download, install, update and do full scan with these free malware detection programs:

Malwarebytes (MBAM):
SUPERAntiSpyware: (SAS):

Remove all found, reboot, and run again until scans run clean, these can be removed afterwards if you so choose. Run scans one at a time, please.


Also, have you installed anything at about the time this started occurring??

if so uninstall the program and see if the duplication stops


post back with results of the methods you used.
Too many copies..................

Thank You Elizabeth23...
....for the pointers and help. My tech guy (read: my son) happened to stop by today and help us out with this problem. Of course it wouldn't act up for him but he went over some of the basic stuff with us and deleted the unwanted copies (1400+ of them). It's been working fine up to this point.
We scan with AVG every morning and run malwarebytes about once a week. We'll try it this way for now and can always use the support tools you recommended later on if necessary.
Thanks again,