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    Hi group, I just found my 0.99GB Ram tiny Acer Aspire One windows xp pc somewhere in the basement and i tried connecting it to the internet today but i always get an error message whenever i click a link.

    The message I get is " There is a problem with the website's security certificate ". The message appeared on google chrome as well, not only on windows Internet Explorer, but i deleted the chrome thinking i could re-download it but i can´t now.

    I would like to know if you have any solutions for this error message.

    I would also like to know if I can increase the computer's RAM since it is only 0.99Ram and really, really, really slow.

    Also can you tell me how to check how many GBs I have on my main drive.

    Also another problem I have is there is no restart option on the pc or I can't find it, only log off and shut down.

    There is also a Ubuntu available OS whenever I turn off and on the pc and i have no idea what it is doing there, this PC was gifted twice so idk how it got there or who put it there...I'd like to know how to access it or how to delete it from the pc and merge the Ubuntu's space to the Windows XP one so i can have more space on my main partition....

    Also Microsoft Security Essentials refuses to update even if i keep pressing the update button, it runs but does not update....

    And i also don't know how to increase the light on my screen on the same PC ( Acer Aspire One )
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    This is a common problem on Windows XP when trying to connect to HTTPS websites. The TLS certificates for Windows XP are outdated and won't establish a secure HTTPS connection. Plain HTTP should work fine however but those sites are rapidly becoming extinct. I don't know if you can update XP's TLS certificates which are used by Explorer and Chrome, the easiest work-around would be to use an updated Mozilla based browser which uses it's own TLS certificates.

    2 Good browsers for XP that are updated regularly are MyPal and Centaury. Both work with modern websites and support HTML5 video. Download them to a USB flash drive so you can install it in XP.



    You didn't mention the specific model of your netbook but from what I found on Acer Aspire ONE models with XP pre-installed the answer is NO - your ram is soldered onto the motherboard.

    Your best bet would be to create an account on Acer's support forums and post this question with the exact model number of your netbook.

    Go to 'My Computer' and click on your main drive and you should see a pop-up along with details in the lower left corner. This will give you the amount of space on each partition.


    To see the total size of the entire drive you need to go to disk management. Press the Windows Key + R. It should give you the 'Run' dialog.


    type 'diskmgmt.msc' and press enter. You will now see the total size of the hard drive with all other partitions, including Ubuntu.


    DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES - this is for advanced users and can cause your system to become unbootable.

    If you click on the Start button there will be a 'Turn Off Computer' button. If you select that you will see options to Standby,Turn off and Restart.

    You should probably get someone to help you with Ubuntu - if you try removing it yourself you may end up deleting your XP OS and have an unbootable PC. I don't think Security Essentials updates on XP anymore, hopefully someone else can prove me wrong or recommend an alternate antivirus for you that works on XP.

    There should be a hotkey combo to increase/decrease the brightness.

    If this is a netbook don't expect any miracles. These were marketed as entry level laptops and always had sub-standard performance and specs, mostly due to the Intel Atom CPU. I had an HP netbook and gifted to someone, now you know why your netbook was gifted twice. I predict after using for a while it will be gifted a third time.;)
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