Theme Style Xp

Hi friends, i am new on this forum and i want to discuse or ask or something like this at an ideea i have for my xp appearance.

When i was kid i always managed to go on internet cafe and now i remember that the computers had a very friendly and nice style for windows platform and very good games from the tick or power ranges and all this old games that some of gamers don't play them because they are simply "old games with low graphics".

Anyway my question is about on how to do my xp appearance ,because i always wanted to have the style from that old time when i was at that internet cafe.

I managed to remember how was it and tried to copy it from my mind to an online editor so i created this : . png

My Xp now, looks like this : . png

Ok, now my question, how can i transform my default windows xp look (second pic) to something like that i created in that online editor (first pic) ?

Is there any solution for this?