System Config Utility (SCU) mystery, XP TABLET PC EDITION 2005, V2002

When I run msconfig / Startup, to control what SW starts at bootup, there's a line entry for Driver Toolkit (DTK). I had that SW for a short time, then removed it. But it persists at msconfig/Startup tab.

I don't understand why SCU thinks it's still on my XP box. Does SCU actually 'see' remnants of DTK or is this the result of a bug in SCU's software? DTK isn't in the Registry and Revo Uninstaller can't find any reference to DTK. I don't see a way within SCU to delete DTK? Should this be a concern, or do I just ignore it?
look in device manager, under hidden devices, some programs install a driver that does not get removed with normal uninstall
BTW, the Driver Toolkit website was awash with confusing ads....Download me ….no, DOWNLOAD ME...DOWNLOAD ME know, that kind of web page; then when I turned down the paid version, I was immediately offered a 30% discount; and oh yeah, they downloaded the free SW to my XP box WITHOUT MY CONSENT; that's when I opted to get rid of it. So, I'm not surprised that a piece of it is still lurking somewhere 'under the hood'.
Could a Drive Toolkit snippet be hiding in my Master Boot Record, and if yes or maybe, how do I get to the MBR to inspect it?
You can repair mbr with the recovery console but that is not the problem, it is a leftover driver and the driver is probably not named drive toolkit,

in the startup tab in msconfig is a checkmark in the box for this item? if so remove it

also in msconfig /startup/ itemxxx/ there is a location column, go to that location and delete the entry
Um, In your most recent message, you said “also in msconfig /startup/ itemxxx/ there is a location column, go to that location and delete the entry” So I:

1)Made sure Driver Tool kit was not checked

2)Followed the Location path in the registry to SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
and opened that folder; it appears to be empty

3)BUT in the SCU, there are 6 SW packages listed at SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.

4)One of the 6 is Driver Toolkit, but the other 5 represent SW that I don't want to delete, so I'm reluctant to delete SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.

5)If you're wanting me to delete Driver Toolkit from within SCU/Startup, I don't see/have a delete option..
all I see are Enable All, Disable All, OK, Cancel, Apply and Help. Yes,I did highlight this line entry, but that did not open up qny obvious delete option.

I'm unsure of what to do !
Wow, do I feel like a computer Dummie :(. About an hour ago, I realized that I should have been searching for drivertoolkit -- NO space between driver and toolkit. So I did a regedit search for drivertoolkit, found it / deleted it and it's gone from the System Configuration Utility. I apologize for taking up your time about this.

no problem, in the registry sometimes there is a space in the name, but mostly the registry uses capital letters to create a space