SysRes grapher: gperf.rb

I would like to present my simple Resources Grapher tool I wrote recently for fun.
Its written in Ruby and should work from Win2000 to Win10.
BEWARE tho! Your Windows needs to be en_US. Anything else will not work.
(Thank you Microsoft for your wisdom of localizing performance counters).
(If you feeling brave, you can try to translate counters in source code).

How to use: Download, unpack it somewhere.. start cmd.exe there
and run: ruby.exe gperf.rb
If graphs will show and no errors, you can run it thro rubyw.exe (no console).
To exit use ESC key (try to avoid using [x] window close).
Use SPACE to toggle display (slighty less CPU usage)
Use TAB to change graph scale (2 secs or 30 secs graphs).

Screenshoot attached.


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