Superman is boring!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Hunter2021, Oct 16, 2023.

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    I just finished watching this 78 episode long anime series made by Tencent (China's largest entertainment company/something akin to the Disney/Warner Bros. of China).

    Then it suddenly dawns on me Superman is so boring! All he has going for him is invulnerability and vulnerability to kryptonite.

    The Legendary Overlord is about this mortal human cultivator who aspires to become a Demigod thru cultivation in order to defeat very strong demons (those classical demons as in Diablo video game franchise) that wreak havoc on the human world. When the cultivator reaches the stage of a Transcendent he gains flight, ability to morph into water molecules (the human body is 70% water after all) to squeeze thru tight spaces, and invulnerability to man-made weapons. Hey, that sounds exactly like Superman right there!

    With Superman, his traits stop right there. In Legendary Overlord, there are many levels higher than Transcendent like Demigod and full-fledged God. A Demigod/God weapon can injure and kill a Transcendent. With Superman, only kryptonite can kill him. With a Transcendent although he's immune to mortal weapons, there's still a gazillion other things (from the Demigod/God level) that can still harm, poison, or kill him! With Superman he has no other evolution progress. With a Transcendent, he still can aspire to become a much stronger Demigod or God.

    Lastly, the Superman lore doesn't make it very clear how long he lives. In Legendary Overlord, the Transcendent lives for hundreds/thousands of years. There is a particularly touching scene in Legendary Overlord he meets the girl who once had a crush on him but chooses to marry another man for wealth and social status. When they meet again, the protagonist male cultivator is still looking like in his early 20's while the girl had already grown gray hair and wore wrinkles on her face. Can you imagine some female lady went to the same high school as Clark Kent, had a crush on him, then goes and marry another man (for selfish reasons). They meet many years later, but Clark still looks like in his early 30's while the lady already became a grandma...?

    These are the reason why Legendary Overlord resonated more with me because I then realized afterwards how boring Superman is!
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    Hunter2021, Oct 16, 2023
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    I agree
    Ayeshastewart, Feb 5, 2024
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    xperceniol, Feb 13, 2024
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