Suddenly no more YouTube


On my old Netbook, which is still serviceable and doing its job, and which is running on XP SP3 without any problems, all of a sudden YouTube refuses to run. Instead, I get an error message - in Chrome "No Data received" and ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE, ERR_TIMED_OUT / in Internet Explorer "Web page can not be displayed" (similar kind of messages in sites with a YouTube link, like FaceBook).

So, one thing is clear: it's not a problem specific to Chrome but to a relation between my Netbook and YouTube.

Please note that someone working on a computer next to me and using the same router has no problem whatsoever loading YouTube clips.

Except for routine maintenance, I did not change anything particular in the Netbook configuration. The problem, as said, occurred all of a sudden, without warning.

After being confronted with the problem, I tried all solutions suggested in various Internet sites for what is apparently a well known and oft occurring error 234 - although it's the first time in my long experience I encounter it!

These solutions include rebooting, restarting the modem, emptying the browsers caches, disabling add-ons and extensions, scanned the computer for viruses, even updating Java (which curiously says it doesn't support XP anymore and recommends to update the OS to Win 8).

Nothing helps. Very frustrating. So, who can help?


My Mom caught a computer virus while she was on Chrome browser. The fastest browser on XP to watch YT vids would have to be FireFox 30+, but the most "secured" is Opera 12.17.
Thx for reply "Elizabeth23"!

Did you scan with malwarebytes?? Yes

what is your current antivirus?? Avast

As said, I did - to my knowledge - everything that was suggested online. This included of course looking at anti-virus software and cleaning up with malwarebytes.



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have the following ready when you post there
As many different factors cause Error 324, there is no one answer for everyone. In order to help troubleshoot why you are getting this error, we need to troubleshoot with you one-by-one, so please follow the following troubleshooting steps in order for us to help you.

1. Leave chrome://net-internals/help.html open while your browse
2. Reproduce the steps to get to the 324 error
3. In the chrome://net-internals/help.htm tab, click the Dump to File button on the Data tab.
4. Once you have gotten this dump, please respond on this thread and I will start a thread for you in our public issue tracker where you can attach this file.
5. Please also include what sites you were visiting when you received your error as well as what Chrome version you are using.

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Thx - but as it says in the initial message this appears not to be a specific Chrome problem but a problem occurring in all browsers but a problem involving my Netbook and/or YouTube. So the Chrome forum won't be of any use. Initial message was written at a friend's home (and from the friend's router). The present message is written from my home (and router). Both my main PCs have no problem. My Netbook still does.


had this problem before but in reality it is my ISP ****ing up

change your DNS to either google DNS or OpenDNS that solved my problem
I currently experiencing this problem on my end but my solution is to run the browser in a limited account. It solved all the problems. You can make a new account which you can use for internet purposes only. Just try it and see if it works for you.
check properly if you have enabled any VPN service... Sometimes this problem is caused due to cookies. Delete your browser cache and cookies and try to reload the website. Check the https protocol to http....

check if your device contains malware and also care to remove any unwanted extension from your browser