Stuff XP does extremely well, stuff XP is missing

Stuff XP is extremely proficient at:

Animated GIF preview in default image viewer. Major letdown you can't view animated GIFs but within a web browser in Vista->Win10.

Features XP are missing:

Inability to native boot from VHD files. I can do a fully updated Win7 (or 8.1) system restore from a compressed .vhd file within 30 minutes of wiping the entire hard drive clean, should my system ever become compromised. I must on the other hand spend hours reinstalling XP+softwares along with the hundreds of hotfixes post SP3.
One thing XP does is work with zip files far better. 7, 8 and 8.1 do not always extract everything from the zip folder for some reason, XP always works first time.
Another feature XP is (supposedly) missing:

Speakers enhancement. Supposedly MSFT took the enhancement tech that appeared on the XP Plus! CD and incorporated it into Vista and later OSes. Stuff like virtual surround and bass boost do make music (and movies) much much more enjoyable.

Never did get to try speaker enhancements on XP since I couldn't find a clean version, but it would have been awesome...

(Btw, those with Vista and later, to get virtual surround/bass boost options, you would need to revert to the default MS speaker drivers, which may or may not work with your hardware setup...)
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Playing MIDI (music) files on external digital keyboards. XP does better than any other OS that I have tried using.