Stop start menu opening after boot

This is a simple problem that I just can't figure out. I have an IBM Thinkpad T41 that is operating with Windows XP Pro spk 3. I know IBM does a lot of customization, but I have three other lap tops (two are Thinkpads) operating with XP Pro and I used XP for years, and this is the first time this popped up. Every time I boot up this PC, the start menu opens. Yes, a simple click on the desktop makes it close, but it still bugs me. There is nothing in the start folder and I found nothing in the registry that is running a program to open the start menu, but I may not be able to recognize it even if it were there. I also checked msconfig and could see noting relating to opening the start menu at boot.
I think I narrowed it down to Sysprep. This appeared right after a I did a complete recovery using IBM product rescue, and then installed the Rescue and Recovery software, which for some reason is never part of the product disks. Anyway, between the recovery discs and RnR software, the Sysprep utility was not disabled, which means every time it booted, the Desktop would return to a somewhat default condition . Sysprep will also load a console at bootup giving you a choice of a default Windows startup, a diagnostic boot, or seal for end user. I later learned all that was necessary was to chose seal for end user, which did not seem as obvious as it sounds now as I'm writing this. I used a MS utility called Autorun to stop it from running which stopped the console from popping up, but suspected Sysprep was still affecting the startup, as the opening of the start menu continued. So I went back and enabled the running of Sysprep and when the console opened up, I choose seal for end user. It still took a couple of boots, but then, as i said, the start menu finally stopped opening when it booted up.