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Discussion in 'Windows XP Help and Support' started by payne.kj, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. payne.kj


    Aug 22, 2014
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    Hi, I have a computer in my office that has a windows update that won't go away and always says it cannot be installed. it's the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Service Pack 4 (KB2463332). I am not familiar with anything SQL, what this does or if it's even important. I do know I have a couple other issues on the computer so wondering if they might be related. Probably not, but you never know.

    Is this an important update? Is there a reason it won't install? How do I fix it or get rid of the update?

    Looking on my list of programs under the add/remove programs list, these are the ones that show up that have anything to do with SQL:

    Microsoft SQL Server 2005
    -GDR 4053 for SQL Server Database Services 2005 ENU
    Microsoft SQL Server Native Client
    Microsoft SQL Server Setup Support Files
    Microsoft SQL Server VSS Writer
    payne.kj, Aug 22, 2014
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  2. payne.kj


    Dec 10, 2012
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    I have looked at several threads HERE and they all seem to say to reset windows update and/or to try to install the download manually.

    kb article on this article


    both of the above are for kb2463332 but I am not up on sql and do not see the difference between the two. :)

    another step to try is installing on a clean boot, in the below link Do Not use the guided help method, in 7 years I have yet to see anyone get this to install.!!


    have you also tried to install in safemode?? download to your desktop and then go to safemode and install.

    One other point : is this one of those updates that have to be installed on shutdown and not restart?? you can tell by going to start/turn off computer/ and in the dialog box that opens is there a little shield icon on the shutdown button?? This means that you have to shutdown to install, and it can take a while just do not turn off the pc, it will do it automatically

    Elizabeth23, Aug 22, 2014
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