Sony Vaio L/top and USB modem

Hi, I gave an older Sony Vaio running XP to a friend. She tried to install a usb modem on it and it wouldn't work. She contacted me with following messages,
"Hi Rod checked it nothing wrong with modem that i had or sim card the computer program in windowsxp is not available to open pages on web it has been voided for sometime took it to the computer repair man in arcade not far from darrel leas cafe truly appreciate the jester thank you claire"

This one also, "Cant be fixed he said it goes right up to windows 7micro soft delete the software so public have to up grade"

Is there any kind of work around or 3rd party software to get it to work with this usb modem?
a modem is used for dial up internet connection, does your friend use this??

1. name and number of the modem
2. version of xp
3. what service pack
4. source and event id number from event viewer
5. if possible exact message please , take a screen shot if you have to and attach the image here.
6. what number of sony vaio laptop, does it have for example 3000 or some such number or name?