So I just put an ssd to my XP desktop with a 2.5 to 3.5 ide adapter but it’s slower then the hdd

I used crystal mark 6 and it went from
52 .2 to 32 32
.2 .3 13 23
.3 .2 13 23
.4 .3 12 20
and the boot time went from 50 seconds to 3 minutes minimum. I checked all connections and everything seems good. I don’t see any reason it should be so slow
Okay so it looks like I needed to disfragment the disk before I switched it to an ssd. It went from 3 minutes to 35 seconds. For some reason the internet download speed get faster to
I have found that these ide -> sata & sata -> ide adapters work but hdd/ssd (either way) seem to be slower with them. I recently bought some pcie cards with 4 sata ports, which is somewhat deceptive. 2 sata & 2 e-sata ports, but, I can have any two but not all four. Still thats 2 sata ports. They are Vantec brand, on sale at Frys electronics. $8.99 each, I got 3. Vantec does not have xp drivers on their site but the included driver disk does. Both xp 32 & 64.

I think i mentioned somewhere I had installed XP-64 on a 500G WD ssd. Speed was quite a bit faster, but xp ran 'squirrelly', hard to describe. That machine is back on an hdd. Now, my (almost) 20 yr old Toshiba laptop with an ide ssd really works/worked well, have not used in a while tho.