Scanner and virus removal tool still supporting XP

Today I found that Eset Online Scanner and Kaspersky KVRT is still supporting XP. IN fact when I started KVRT from my computer, Kaspersky said it is obsolete and updated me to their latest version.

Don't click on the 'ONE-TIME SCAN' button at the top of the page. Click on the 'DOWNLOAD' button at the bottom of the page. You can keep it in your computer and use it to do a scan whenever you want. This page does not mention XP but it works perfectly.

Same with Kaspersky. Do a scan whenever you want.
Is this an "installer" or the actual scanner itself?

It is the actual scanner itself that you can keep in your computer and use whenever you feel like. It is not the ESET Internet Security (the one offered at the top right of this page), which is a real time virus guard for which they offer the 30 day trial. Please see the attachment. The download link for the free scanner is in the middle of the page. I am using the same version without any problems. Whenever you use it they update the virus database on line before the scan.