Saving Windows Updates Files On The Hard Drive (POSReady Updates Included)

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    This topic has been mentioned in the past and the application usually suggested was WSUS Offline Update. However, they stopped official support for XP long time ago and POSReady updates are not available. The solution which allows downloading and saving all POSReady updates (until 2019-Apr-05) on the hard drive is Windows Update MiniTool:

    1) Click on green button to refresh Windows Update database (no KB...exe files get downloaded at this point).

    2) Click "Select All". This is the best option considering that XP update servers may get shut down any time now.

    3) Click on blue button. This will copy URL links for all selected updates to the clipboard.

    4) Paste the content of the clipboard to a text file. Let's name it download.txt:

    [ Security Update for Windows XP (KB956572) ]
    [ Security Update for Windows XP (KB952004) ]
    5) Remove all comments, empty lines and lines with cab and psf files. Linux sed or grep command should work but the comments start with a square bracket and it just won't work out of the box. So for now let's just perform manual removal:

    6) Now you can use wget in Linux to download all the files straight from the server. The process is much faster than Windows Updates run in IE8,

    wget -i download.txt
    There should be some similar command available in XP's command line box.

    7) WUMT can also be run in Offline Mode, which allows checking updates on a machine without internet connection. To get Offline Mode working you need to get file "" from Microsoft and place it in the same directory as WUMT file:

    // Any directory
    Offline Mode only allows getting a list of missing updates, there is no way to download any files. As long as WU servers are working Online Mode might be a better choice as it seems to offer more optional updates.

    8) WUMT also has an option (red button on the screenshot above) to download KB files to:


    However in that case you get cryptic file names in the Windows Update format.

    WUMT download links (from the developer and from Major Geeks):

    File is available from Microsoft:

    More information:
    Lex24, Dec 2, 2019 at 11:11 AM
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