Rumor: China to build 3 Aircraft Carriers AT THE SAME time next!

USA only has 1 drydock for AC so they can only build one at a time.

Rumor has it China planning 3 ACs WITH CATAPULT launch systems AT THE SAME time next! That's b/c unlike USA, China has more than one drydocks to build really huge ships.

UK doesn't even have ACs with catapult launchers, and already China looking to build 3 of these (with catapult launch tracks) simultaneously:
This design (on the right) will form UK's next two ACs, with ski-jump launch systems only, unlike China's more (technologically) ambitious AC projects:

This rumor comes after China has only launched their first indigenously built AC (with ski-jump ramp) just late last month:

China has several of these really huge AC-class drydocks (which is now vacant after the carrier that was built inside it was launched into the water), while USA only has 1 (US might have 10+ ACs, but they can only build them 1 at a time):

BTW, the point of AC is not for defense against major powers like USA, China, Russia. A few ballistic missiles will easily sink any AC. Even if USA sends 2 AC battlegroups to say, the South China Sea, it is effectively a suicide mission.

The point of having ACs is to project power against weaker nations, countries that have yet to develop carrier killer missiles. As such China needs ACs to project power against small nations along maritime trade routes only.