RTX 3050 driver

Elizabeth23, There is no RTX 3050 driver for Windows XP on this site

The RTX 3050 is a pure gaming card, that is 64bit and relies for most of it’s feature on DirectX 12. Not even the venerable old GTX1050 will run on XP. Your last chance is the 900 series. You could buy yourself a GTX950 or 960 that will actually run on XP even a 32bit (But you will need to set up PAE over 4GB of Ram if you are still using 32bit though).

As a challenge you could install RTX 3050 drivers on a windows 10 system then take all the files over manually to your 64bit windows XP system and see if it works. I have seen the Siamese Cat do this for high end machine kit for BP and British Gas. But we are talking lots of money there, so it is worth the hassle.
Thanks for the explanation, Madeleine Takam. I use Windows 11 and sometimes I put the SSD with genuine Windows XP. I used a GT710 and the image was great. With the RTX 3050 the image was bad.