Restoring to a previous date

Discussion in 'Windows XP Installation and Setup' started by Jameel Mayet, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Jameel Mayet

    Jameel Mayet

    Jul 1, 2016
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    I was having problems when my PC kept looping at boot up.
    I put my Windows XP disc in and re-installed. I chose the delete old windows files and reinstall.
    But I chose leave other files as is.
    I want to go back to a restore point a month ago.
    How can I do this , if possible?
    Jameel Mayet, Jul 1, 2016
  2. Jameel Mayet


    Dec 10, 2012
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    you either reinstalled, (completely wiped machine ) or you installed a copy over your original installation which is not the way to reinstall your os.

    If you do not have a restore point from a month ago listed, then you are out of luck as the restore points are wiped out on a reinstall.

    If you have your install cd I would choose to wipe the partition with the os and reinstall a clean copy, if you have data to save save it to a flash drive and then you can copy back to your hard drive, remember you cannot copy programs only data.
    Elizabeth23, Jul 1, 2016
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