reinstall bootloader for windows with main partition "D"

My bootloader and mbr instructions are on one hdd, while Windows proper in on the other.

What I did was simply to disconnect altogether (just to be sure) the first hdd and then inserted a rescue cd with windows XP. I entered the console and tried to rebuild the bootloader with bootcfg /rebuild, but I didn't work. It said I needed to use chkdsk, which I did (with /r argument). I entered the rebuild command again. The same thing. Then I tried to fix my mbr (fixmbr), which it said it worked fine. Then I typed in the bootcfg /rebuild again - still the same thing.

I should probably add that windows on the partition D, while partition C belongs to the hdd that has the bootloader (and the correct mbr), and I have a feeling that might have something to do with it.

Moreover, I've also tinkered with partition wizard in order to cut down on the number of partitions (there were so many! - it's not my computer), and I think that might have something to do with it, too?

Anyway, the point is, Windows works fine with the hdd that has the correct bootloader. But I need to get rid of it, as it's an 80GB hdd, old, and it seems to crash once in a while, prompting the computer to restart.

I am impatently waiting for your suggestions!
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you should really back up your data and reinstall the os so it and the boot mbr are on c as is proper.

Well, yeah, of course, that's the last solution. But I'd still want to use the current OS. Is there anything I can do about it? :)

(now I'm thinking about copying the partition only with acronis true image, installing the OS - so that the bootloader is fixed - and then pouring the acronis image on the windows partition)