Reg.Laptop speaker settings

Hi. I am using Compaq Laptop with Window Xp Pro. I want to switch over the sound either to internal speakers or to headphones without removing the headphone jack from the panel. Is it possible. Please help me in this regard. I think my Sound card is SoundMax...

in above image you can see that the sound info will be displayed please post that back to your next reply


Click Start, Run and in the box enter:


Click OK, and when the System Summary info appears, expand components, highlight sound device, click Edit, Select All (Ctrl-A), Copy (Ctrl-C) and then paste (Ctrl-V) the information back here in your next reply.
You can edit out any personal information.
Name SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
Manufacturer Analog Devices, Inc.
Status OK
PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2485&SUBSYS_004A0E11&REV_02\3&61AAA01&0&FD
I/O Port 0x00004000-0x000040FF
I/O Port 0x00004400-0x0000443F
IRQ Channel IRQ 5
Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\smwdm.sys (, 404.48 KB (414,184 bytes), 11/09/2002 11:09)
sorry, I have been searching for a while now, some sound cards have the options to disable a device, and you could then disable the headphones to just listen to the speakers,

what is the reason that you do not want to remove the headphones??

maybe someone else will be able to help.
Hi Elizabeth, My Laptop Computer is some what old and I don't want to remove its headset jack every now and then. Because i heard many complaints that jacks become loose if we plug and remove the pin very often....
that may be true for hp, but I have a dell bought in 2002 and its jack is still going strong. I use the pc at night while my boyfriend is asleep and use the headphones at this time, he uses the speakers in the evenings, they have lasted this long, but in my reading a lot of hewlett packards had this problem.
Hi Elizabeth, Then I hope that there is no solution(software editing)for my problem. Does external Sound Card (USB) solve my problem? Please give me your suggestion...
you could set the headphones as the default device,

Figure 3. Headphone/Speaker Balance control

Checking the box "Move all slide…same time" allows you to maintain an even balance in your headphone/speakers. Close this window. Click on the bottom "Advanced" button.

from here

My speakers have an on/off button, I can leave my headphone attached and still use speakers, or turn off the speakers and just use the headphone, do your speakers have an on/off??
Hi Elizabeth, My Laptop's internal speakers doesn't have on\off switch. You have given a solution in your last reply. Is that solution is for using usb sound card or switching over the sound output with internal speakers and headphones by software settings?
Hi Elizabeth, I tried to find a solution in the website you mentioned, but couldn't find...So I have decided to buy a external usb sound card which i hope is a perfect solution for the setting which i require.

Thank you very much for the efforts you have taken to help me. You too ask me if you need any kind of Computer solutions by email. My email ID is,

[email protected]

Thanking you once again.

Hi Elizabeth, I found the solution for the customization i needed. I bought a External USB Sound Card and connected the Headset to it and installed. Now I can use either Headset or Internal Mic\Speakers just by enabling Sound Cards which I want to use....