RE: IE-based browsers

I can't say for certain if they have better security or not, but in general IE works well if you disable SSL 2.0 and 3.0, enable TLS 1.0, disable JavaScript, disable ActiveX, and disable or uninstall all plug-ins and add-ons. Of course, I don't recommend IE unless you come across a site that requires it. However, IE can actually be a godsend on older PCs with low RAM (it was the only browser that worked reliably on my old IBM Thinkpad 380ED with 48MB of RAM; even older Opera/Firefox versions didn't run nearly as well).
Thanks for the tips, but I am looking to uninstall IE, and was hoping to replace it with something similar, but a little better. Haven't found anything yet, so looks like I'll have to make a clean break of it.
I don't blame you. I was never a big IE fan, but I did enjoy SlimBrowser for a while back in the's probably the best IE shell I've ever used (they're not all made equal, as I've come to find out). IE is good for VERY old PCs that have a hard time with newer browsers, but on modern hardware that is capable of running better browsers I try to stay away from it as much as possible.