Re:Hi all, new here and a question

Just wanted to say hello to everyone, and a question-while trying to run the Game Demo Darkest Of Days, it will not load, it just crashes. I do see the "Darkest Of Days.exe has caused a problem, and needs to close". When I click on what caused the crash, I cannot save a log file, and save it. after opening up event viewer, I can see the error, but still gives me no option to save a log file, otherwise, I would have posted it here. Can anyone help? Thanks.
When you find an interesting event that occurred around the time of your issue, click the third button under the up and down arrows to copy the details to your Windows clipboard and then you can paste the details (right click, Paste or CTRL-V) the detail text back here for analysis. Remove any personal information from your information after pasting if you are compelled to do so.

that is how to copy your error to your post.