RAM question

hi, im a winxp home edition service pack 3 x32 user

so i've installed 2.75 gb of RAM(my computer system properties) with 2 sticks;2gb and 1gb each.

replacing the 1gb stick to 2gb stick will give only 2.85 gb of RAM(my computer system properties) , but there are bigger changes in the extended memory info shown in BIOS, it increases from 2800+ MB to 3800+ MB .

my question is , does the ~0.1gb (2.85gb-2.75gb) additional RAM gives significant difference in PC performance, or should i just leave it at 2.75gb? what do u guys recommend?
Part of the reason for this is the way that Windows 'reserves' memory for system use. Even with 4 GB installed, the most you will usually see available for use is 3.3-3.4 GB.

I ran XP 'Pro' for years with 3 GB of RAM installed, and it ran just fine. You might just as well leave it at 3 GB. Just my two-penn'orth. Others may have a different view.

Mike. ;)
Just follow read me file and ul be able to use 64GB of RAM max,i use it now on my 4GB RAM pc

http://www.mediafire.com/file/cbj96q97joyjb1k/64+GB+of+RAM+patch.zip Screenshot_4.jpg