Questions About Microsoft IIS 5.1

Elizabeth, I will reply to your two replies tomorrow.

I want to publish my own web site, without using a web hosting service. The website will consist of one page and one form, so it seems like kind of a waste to have it hosted.

I've been reading a tutorial on MS FrontPage 2000, and it mentions MS Personal Web Server in a way that makes me think I could publish the web page without using a Microsoft Server package. (I have NT 4.0 Server, and Win2k Server, but I don't really have anything to install them on right now.)

A very quick Google indicates that XP cannot use PWS, but XP comes with IIS 5.1. The question is, with IIS 5.1 on my XP Pro system, can I publish the web site from it? Nothing like that is covered in the tutorial.
to tell the truth I do not know,

I do not have IIS installed on my xp pro system, this would be a good question to ask in the technec forum, in the link I gave in a previous reply, but maybe someone else might have a clue.
I didn't realize that it came with Pro until I read something on the web. If you want to use it, all you have to do is go to Add/Remove programs -> Add/Remove Windows Components. It will ask for the install disk, but . . .
well, basically, I do not even know what it is.

It was installed at one time, but I never used it, so on my last reinstall I left it out.