problems installing Windows XP Home SP3

I am trying to install this OS from a USB stick. I did it successfully the 1st or 2nd time i tried it, I got to my desktop and everything. Then when I re-booted, I got some kind of error. So I went and tried to install the OS all over again, each time I get some type of error. The most recent one and the one I'm looking at right now I get during the 2nd part of the install (GUI) and says "Windows - Delayed Write Failed. WIndows was unable to save all the data for the file blah blah blah. The data has been lost etc"

I can't click "ok" and the install freezes up around "installing start menu items"
well, I just realized my USB stick was in FAT32. I just changed it to NTFS so we'll see if that makes a difference. my laptop's HDD is NTFS

probably wont matter but we'll see
how did you create your bootable usb stick??

the easy way is to copy your installation cd to your hard drive

download ImgBurn and create a bootable ISO image

once you have the ISO file on your desktop, then download Rufus and create the bootable usb stick:

there are plenty of tutorials online for both rufus and imgburn.

If you keep getting errors it is either a faulty drive or bootable usb is corrupted.


when installing xp, always do a FULL format not a quick format.