Problem when plying the large .mov files

Hello all,

Until now that I have ran the video files in my windows xp machine, hadn't see any problem except this time. When I run videos files (e.g., .3gp, .mp4 and so on) with my video players (media player classic, VLC media player), have no problem but when I want to watch the .mov large file (for example that mentioned my large file in about 471 MB) have problem and that problem is this that, when playing, the video picture will become broken broken or picture plays slow (in any state it's not normal). But when I run small size (about 15 MB) .mov files, there is no problem and video runs normally.

Is there any idea for why that large .MOV file (video file) doesn't play normally?

PS: I tried that large (471 MB) video file in another computer with more powerful devices (upper CPU, RAM and graphic) and there was no problem and it runs normally.

My machine:
CPU: 1.7 GHZ or less
RAM: 256 MB
graphic: mobile Intel ..... Express chipset with 64 MB memory size.


1- I have watched the movies that have more size than 471 MB on that machine before, without any problem, but maybe with another file format.

2- How to save that file in another format?

3- First link was not useful (in this case) because it's not properly related to the issue. The second one was more related with mine (because my file is recorded by iphone too) but finally didn't get the solution.

anyway, thank you very much for trying to help me.
Thank you very much nice Elizabeth.
I reread the contents of first like. I try to install some of those codecs. Maybe that is the solution. I post the result in next post.
thanks again.
okay will check back, I did install the K-lite codec pack once and did not have any issues with xp sp3, but I have 2gb ram and 2gb of memory.
@Elizabeth23: The problem is that the .MP4 files that are recorded by SUMSUNG galaxy SIII or iphone face to problem (playing abnormally) on may machine. Codecs didn't make any changes.
If I were you, I would go to the forum in my previous reply, as they are more knowledgeable than I on .mov files, good luck :)
MOV formats are generally difficult to be played smoothly on not so powerful PC's. Especially if the resolution is big.

If you can't convert mov to a faster format like mpg, or if you don't want to convert at all especially if the size is too large which would take hours and hours to re-encode, try this: If using Media Player Classic / MPC-HC, rename the *.mov file to *.hdmov. Play the file. Now see if you have a slightly faster playback.
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