Printing or viewing printer properties taking long time

I have a user who is suddenly experiencing a long delay whenever she attempts to print anything. The delay occurs between the time she selects the print command in whatever application to the time when the print dialogue appears. The same delay occurs when I try to view the properties of any of her printers.

She has a local usb-attached HP laserjet printer & connections to 2 networked printers. The problem occurs with all 3. I disconnected her from the network and verified the problem still occurs even with just the local printer.

I've looked for any unnecessary printer ports to delete but didn't find any. Since the problem is common to all her printers, yet the printers dont seem to be the cause, it seems like some kind of spooler or other software problem. Unfortunately I dont have any restore points to fall back to on this machine.

I'm trying to avoid reloading windows here. Curious if anyone has come across this before or some ideas to try.

It's SP3, on a domain. Thanks!