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Discussion in 'Windows XP Help and Support' started by Hikermann, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Hikermann


    Mar 27, 2013
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    WIN XP Home: Recently changed printers; now with a recycled-from-my-daughter HP F340 All-in-One printer; since she inconveniently forgot where the install disk disappeared to, I've been attempting to find the drivers/installation business needed from the www; what I do find at HP for that specific printer then results in a "this is not for your printer" message (go figure...). So

    #1. I'm trying to figure out what's needed to get the printer working all the time (some programs print, others not); also, when I look in Device Manager, it shows a) IEEE 1284.4. compatible printers - Deskjet F300 series (DOT4PRT), and b) IEEE 1284.4 devices - DeskJet F300 series (DOT4); while under "? Other Devices" it has yellow ?? for a listings of both DeskJet F300 series and DeskJet F300 Series Printer. I've deleted the printer a number of times and "Add New Printer" each time. When Windows Hardware Wizard excitedly shows up telling me what it's discovered, 1) if I connect to the www, nothing is found for installation, 2) since I don't have the install disk I click "continue", and 3) it decides the printer is not a plug-n-play routine ... so then I go with HPDoctor, run that, and it tells me to unplug from the USB port, runs its routines, tells me to plug the USB back in (I'm used to LPT1 for older printer connections, usually automatically defined by plug-n-play) so I do that (have tried both front and back USB ports); it tells me it recognizes the USB-connected DeskJet F300 Series printer but Software Status is "not installed" and to "get installer" ... which puts me back to the HP site, where I click on "HP DeskJet F340 Series" for my Windows XP" and download the two "Driver - Product Installation Software" offerings ... when run, tell me they don't apply to the printer I have (go figure). If I then use the HPDoctor's "Support & Troubleshoot", it merely returns me to the previous HP page already visited..... So much for the efficacy of HPDoctor. SO ... if you have any directives, suggestions, instructions about any of this convoluted attempt to get my printer actually working, such would be much welcome.

    #2. Every time Windows opens, the Hardware Wizard shows up (suspect it's all interrelated to #1); I close it, and it pops right back up; close it again, and, guess what ... go through this business about 3 - 6 times and it must get tired before I do, as it finally disappears. What gives with that, and how do I bring an end to this additionally unwelcome goings-on?

    Many thanks.
    Hikermann, Oct 2, 2013
  2. Hikermann


    Dec 10, 2012
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    Is your system 64bit or 32bit?

    to tell right click on my computer and choose properties, if it does not say 64bit anywhere then you have a 32bit and the page below should be your software download:

    Is this the page you went to??

    install the first download as that is the total package.

    for wizard popup

    go to device manager, other devices where there is a yellow exclamation point right click and choose disable.
    Elizabeth23, Oct 2, 2013
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