possible xp browsers for 2017

Firefox is the only browser that supports TLS 1.2 on XP. As web servers seek to make TLS 1.1 obsolete, it's not worth the hassle to seek out another XP browser that only goes up to TLS 1.1.

(BTW, TLS 1.3 is only in its draft stage, so it will take a very long time for it to make TLS 1.2 go away, and Firefox 52 to stop working on XP...)
What happens if, from a browser equipped only with TLS 1.1, you, for example, are paying for a purchase, and the site, as they do, switches you to a secure server, which has moved onto 1.2, and rendered 1.1 obsolete?

I have just updated to firefox 52 which is the last supported version for xp, if anyone has tried the others , it would be great to get some feedback on them. :)

Elizabeth23 this is slightly, but not completely, off topic. I have just put Firefox on 2 Android devices. And older tablet and a newer, 1 or 2 years old, phone. After syncing the bookmarks in neither device are showing. Do you have any clue? Thanks! Jack ":-\\

I should add, I just put Firefox on the devices, 1st run on each. The bookmarks area just shows 3 suggested links under BOOKMARKS

1. Firefox: About your browser
2. Firefox: Customize with Add ons
3. Firefox: Support
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Sorry, but I know nothing of syncing as I do not have any devices, maybe someone else will be able to help :)

Thanks, it was worth a shot. I have worked past some of it anyhow.
Just guys wait We got FF53 and Palemoon .
Get ExtendedXP from RyanVM forum

Dibya .. could you tell me a little more about this Extended XP? I went to the forum but I don't see where I can "get" ExtendedXP and what do you do with it?

read through several threads on above registry hack,

these are some of the posts in this forum on the registry hack

Elizabeth23, thanks so much. Actually I've been using this hack since XP went off the air. I appreciate the thought. On the syncing, it did resolve itself. Sometime changes on FF for some reason take long. I left them both, tablet and phone alone overnight and they showed the changes in bookmarks this morning. Sometimes it's almost instant? Who knows about our beloved bi-polar Windows and it's programs! lol Much appreciated. ":-Dx jack
Doesn't ReactOS have a browser updated and made for the OS? ReactOS programs work on XP. Perhaps download ReactOS and copy the files and use its browser. I could be wrong, though. Worth a try though since its only 90MB.
Hi, towgers.

Mm. ReactOS is a funny one, y'know. I admit, I wasn't aware they'd finally got around to developing their own browser......but if it's anything like the rest of the OS, it'll be fuller of bugs than I don't know what.

I tried it for a little while about 18 months ago.....and I was not impressed, given the amount of time they've been faffing around with it.

Remember, this thing's been in development for something like 21 years. It started back in 1996, as a Win 95 'clone'.....and the darn thing's still only in 'alpha'..!


It's not something I could really recommend to anyone who wants a functional 'daily driver'. :p Every step forward in development seems to be accompanied by at least three steps backward in terms of system-related breakages.....

Mike. ;)
Netrider works on Windows XP. You can find a zip file with a Windows version at https://sourceforge.net/projects/netrider/files/?source=navbar Netrider is a webkit based browser with a FLTK front-end. I did the Windows port. It builds fine with current version of MinGW (from mingw.org). Unfortunately, when I updated my version of GCC to rebuild my GNU compiler, found out I could no longer build netrider from source successfully. Was hoping to look into possibly porting the Fifth browser (another FLTK and webkit based browser) to Windows, but it's a big project and I don't have time for it as present. As long as the source is available and the code ports to Windows XP, programs will continue to run on it. I have a large number of Open Source applications I build from source that I have no problem running on Windows XP.
Is there any way to make any browser on XP using OpenSSL?
I think this would be the solution to take ssl support out of the hands of browser developers.
Is there any way to make any browser on XP using OpenSSL?
I think this would be the solution to take ssl support out of the hands of browser developers.
Netrider and many of the Open Source browsers mentioned in this thread use OpenSSL. Webkit based browsers can be built with curl which is a great Open Source program/library (or other Open Source options). Curl can use OpenSSL for SSL or several other Open Source SSL libraries. I recently did an investigation into other Open Source alternatives to OpenSSL. LibreSSL is a fork of OpenSSL by BSD developers and it currently works great with most libraries/applications that are OpenSSL compatible. GNUtls and NSS are other major Open Source alternatives to OpenSSL. There are also several Open Source libraries that are lightweight and designed for embedded systems that offer SSL support.

Getting SSL support in an Open Source browser isn't a big issue. Building the browsers from source can be an issue because most modern browsers have extremely complicated source code with complicated build systems that require several languages. For instance, to build webkit last time I tried it required, C/C++, Python, Perl, Ruby and a bash shell. By the way, the OpenSSL library is now very complicated to build on Windows. It requires a later version of Perl than the one available at mingw.org and it requires a version of Perl that handles filenames similar to Unix/Linux systems (with slashes instead of backslashes) in order to build it. That's one of the reasons I was looking into LibreSSL which has a much easier build system, but up until recently didn't support Windows platforms well. It's now much easier to build on Windows than OpenSSL. Another issue is licensing. There are a lot of incompatibilities between SSL library licenses and many browser applications and in those cases you can't legally redistribute the results. You need SSL libraries, browser libraries and browser applications that are compatible.
Umm, I didn't want to build OpenSSL by my own, just wanted a browser where I have to take a look at https://indy.fulgan.com/SSL/ and replace the 2 ssl files from time to time.

I thought WebKit/Chromium dropped XP support, which also made Vivaldi Devs drop it...?

My second requirement for a browser would be full video support. It could use DirectShow if wanted, my system is set up to handle most codecs and containers used on websites. But a bilt-in decoder (like firefox uses it) that refuses to work on XP is a no-go.

By the way... if you have a working build-setup, could you provide us with some binaries? :)
OpenSSL builds on Windows XP. A browser not working on XP is not related to SSL support or lack thereof (at this time). At some point in the future, OpenSSL may no longer build on Windows XP. That'll depend on the project developers. When you talk about a webkit based browser, there are several forks of webkit and it helps to know which fork/which browser. Some versions of webkit still build with XP. Google's Chrome is designed to work on minimal systems (like Android, Chromebooks and netbooks). However, it's typically very hard to port their code to systems other than the ones they have an interest in. Apple uses a different fork of webkit for Safari.

Best bet to keep using a browser after XP support is dropped for that browser is to look into whether projects like Cygwin or Midipix support building them on XP. At some point, those projects may drop XP support as well. It's not that Open Source projects can't support XP, it's just that they don't want to spare the time and the resources to. I often volunteer to port programs to other platforms and some projects just don't want that. A good cross-platform program should be easy to build on any system (XP or otherwise).

Another very good option is CoLinux. You can run Linux software on Windows using CoLinux. Microsoft's new feature in Windows 10 to run Ubuntu software is very similar to CoLinux.

I have just updated to firefox 52 which is the last supported version for xp, if anyone has tried the others , it would be great to get some feedback on them. :)

I tried Opera 9.?, SeaMonkey, K-meleon, Comodo IceDragon, Lunarscape, and FlashPeak Slimjet I absolutely hated everything about Opera, and have yet to clear all of its crud since uninstalling....like a dang virus! SeaMonkey and K-Meleon would not allow install of 'Skip Cert Error' addon, so neither would go to half the sites I tried to get to, and much of the other half would not display right (Web2.0?). Lunarscape claimed to use engines from IE, Firefox and Chrome...but only the Chrome one worked. Comodo IceDragon I uninstalled by accident, and now cannot get it back. I liked it, and hope my tech guy can re-install it. Slimjet is the sole survival of this group. It works with all vids (Youtube, putlockers, porn, etc.). Only problem is getting Chrome/Chromium based browsers to go where I want.