Portable Apps for graphics challenged PC's

Discussion in 'Windows XP Customization' started by Aunty Jack, Feb 6, 2015.

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    Aug 25, 2014
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    Hello from Aunty Jack,

    My old Dell Optiplex is stuck with the onboard graphics device, the Intel82865G and with the Intel driver acceleration pack. (for Dell, R12991).

    Playing very large MP4's and other formats with most media players gives jerky/green line/stop start performance even with the full install of VLC.

    Grabbed VLC Portable and installed it. Well !!!. What a difference, a 200Mb MP4 that gave all the usual problems with a graphics challenged PC played and behaved full screen perfectly. No stop/start/green lines etc. Perfect performance.

    Some like VLC, some don't. A matter of choice, there are so many multimedia players.

    But, if you feel inclined, try VLC Portable.

    Cheers from Aunty Jack.
    Aunty Jack, Feb 6, 2015
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