Partition the hard drive

we have a toshiba P-100 PSPA3C-MA502C with windows xp.
we would like to partition the drive so we can use chrome on part of the hard drive.
can we do this?
thanks. reluctant to use software that may leave something behind.
reinstall xp and partition the drive during setup. - anyidea how? i just used the supplied reinstallation disks to put it back to factory state.
i wonder if microsoft still updates 12 year old XP!
putting on win 7 would be nice - matches our other - failing - laptop.
attached are the options when i just set it back to factory.
would you know what they mean?
is any a usb drive - cos that is how one usually installs this chrome from neverwares cloudready
thanks very much for your help


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do not know what you mean by leave something behind when using a partition program.

normal boot menu , FDD is floppy disk and LAN is a network boot option

read above on how to boot from these, it does not look like you have a usb boot option you would have to see your manufacturer's website for your specific machine to see if you can boot from a usb device

you should also read above to see if your pc is on the list of supported devices, and if the pc was running xp, it is unlikely that it can support win7 or higher without some major hardware upgrades.


if the supplied disks are reinstall media and NOT recover media you can use it to setup xp, since you are given that option during setup, if you were not given that option then the discs you have are not install media, just recover media. and you would need an install cd to actually install xp, and the updates from microsoft updates up to 2014, are still available, you need sp3 and ie8 installed to access the windows update site.


if your pc supports the neverware chrome program (check the website above), you should be able to download the ISO and burn to a cd/dvd and then boot to that.
"do not know what you mean by leave something behind when using a partition program." some software leave a virus or other such things.
laptop is not on their list - but one is encouraged to try. so i would put it in a partition so the laptop will still work with its XP partition.
Thank you VERY much for your help
you are welcome, and if your antivirus is working then anything you download that might have something bad on it should be caught and you should be notified, and if not then always download to desktop and scan with your antivirus and with malwarebytes free, BEFORE ever opening item
Another partitioning tool to consider is GParted. It is a Linux application but you don't need to know anything about Linux to use it. You run it from a CD:

GParted has very simple looking interface, but under the hood it's all the latest technology, free of charge.

You will also need to figure out what kind of alignment to use on the second partition. It depends how old is your disk. Chrome is a modern OS and mostly users run it on new machines with disks with the physical sector of 4096 bytes and aligned to MiB. If your computer is older it might have a disk with the physical sector of 512 bytes and aligned to CHS (Cylinder/Head/Sector).

Just do some research about Advanced Format drive, CHS and MiB partition alignment. You can have different alignments on different partitions on the same disk but you should understand what you are doing.