OS Language

Dear Members,

I have a laptop with Genuine Windows XP installed but its language is Italian.

I have tried to change language through Regional and Language Settings to English but no success.

is there any way to change the language to English?
did you do it this way?

click start, click control panel, click regional and language options, select English from the drop down menu, click OK, restart the computer


If it was an complete Italian installation including all the menus and settings being in that language, it cann't be changed. If the basics are in English but the language of choice is Italian, go to Control Panel>Regional and Language settings, click the Language tab and change to English UK or English US (whichever applies to your country) and click Apply. You also need to change the other two tabs - Regional Options and Advanced and change all three settings accordingly


according to my searchs, if you have the cd you can reinstall and choose english as your language, other wise the basics will stay italian.