oobe Folder File Location in Installation CD

John256145;3249411in the Installation Disc of Windows XP?[/QUOTE said:
I meant in the installation disc of Windows XP.


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If the I386 folder from the XP CD was not copied to the hard disk, insert the Windows XP CD and close the autorun program if it launches.

Click Start, Run, type INF and click OK to open the folder. Right-click OOBE.INF and click Install.

If you're prompted for the location of the files, browse to the I386 folder on the CD
Also, I have the oobe folder on my pc from sp3, if you do not have a slipstreamed cd the oobe folder will be from sp2, there are many folders and files in the oobe folder do you want a particular one??

I can upload it to my microsoft onedrive for you if you need it.
I do have the oobe folder in my PC. I want to find the oobe folder in the CD because I want to edit the contents of that folder.


here are screenshots of it on my installation cd. just the m's, but when I scroll down they are in the o's also. :)

E:\CMPNENTS\TABLETPC\I386 some more were in this folder also.
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