OneDrive works in IE8/XP again!!

Woohooo!! Personally, I don't think it's right to discontinue access to OneDrive for IE8. Afterall, Windows 7 originally shipped with IE8 and W7 don't expire until 2020...

(Oh, and btw, I personally think IE8 is/was the most beautiful browser MSFT ever designed. IE11's design is like meh, and so are FF, Opera, Chrome... Glad to know I'll be using IE8 mostly again...)
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Hello there. XP is among my favorite OS' and I found this forum on Google.

RE: your post, IE 8 is a great browser, but many websites are dropping support for it. Considering Microsoft owns OneDrive, I'm not surprised they would drop support for IE 8 in order to prod people to upgrade. However, on XP the only way to "upgrade" is to a different browser.

Except for my workplace which is locked down to various versions of IE for backward compatibility, I typically only use Chrome, Firefox, or Opera on my IBM Thinkpad T40 with XP. Much safer.
It's not really fair to drop IE8 regardless of the OS it's installed on. We have to remember Vista SP2 shipped with IE7. That OS doesn't go off support until 2017.

Also, Win7 SP1 shipped with IE8 and is supported until 2020.

If anything should be given the axe wrt to OneDrive it's IE6 and older, not IE8 which is fairly modern in light of the above comparisons!

Anyways, OneDrive is working again for IE8/XP! :)
Just logged in a while ago. They got rid of the debug info at the bottom that wasn't supposed to be seen. Nice to see OneDrive working again in IE8...
No, you're wrong, IE6 looks far better than IE8, it integrates better with the XP interface.

I don't use OneDrive but funny enough going on any of the websites means you get an error saying to upgrade to a newer OS if you use IE6 or IE8.

But OneDrive obviously does not.
OMG the gay, they broke OneDrive again for XP/IE8!
hmm...The POSReady "hack" does help IE8 to get more sites to load on
Yep folks