Old Maxtor external USB drive - hidden goodies

Hello from Aunty Jack,

My very old Maxtor USB connect external drive (Maxtor GB100P0) was making terminal noises. Click, click, for a minute or so until it fired up. Time for the scrap heap. But, being inquisitive I dismantled the thing and found it has an IDE drive in it with the usual power, cable input, and jumper pins. The circuit board converting an ordinary IDE drive to USB input/output and the "step down" power connector was the cause of the "failure to comminicate" - (from the movie, Cool Hand Luke). So, install in the old PC and install the OS again on a 100 Gb drive instead of a 40 Gb drive. Perfect result.

If anyone out there has an old Maxtor USB external drive making terminal sounds, dismantle the thing to find the "goodie" inside.

My post on this is probably meaningless but if someone can make use of it, great.

Aunty Jack.