OCX file request

Hello everyone,
I've been an XP user for many years in the past; now I'm using Vista. I had written a program in VB6 on XP, which doesn't run on Vista and above because it requires file MSCOMDLG32.OCX, which was installed in my Windows XP PC. It was probably part of "Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Common Controls". In order to run my older program, I must register this file in my Vista PC, but I can't find it anywhere on the net. I have downloaded many Microsoft VB6 Service Packs / fixes / updates, but I can't find it anywhere. Instead, COMDLG32.OCX is widely available (on the net and in most Microsoft files I downloaded), but I'm looking for MSCOMDLG32.OCX, not COMDLG32.OCX.
Can someone please upload it for me? It should be located in C:\Windows\System32. I'm not sure if it exists by default or if it was installed additionally, with Visual Studio 6 though.
Thank you :)