NVMe Storage with XP?

Discussion in 'Windows XP General Discussion' started by secpar, Jan 8, 2021.

  1. secpar


    Jan 31, 2020
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    I have been contemplating doing an upgrade on my computer. You guessed it, NVMe storage.

    I am presently using a 1TB Samsung 850 Pro that I have been using for a few years now. Got one of these little beasts when they came with the 10 year warranty (860 and beyond seem to have only 5 years at the most).

    The only way I think I might be able to use NVMe storage is with a PCIe card to adapt to this interface.

    Any members here, or perhaps a lurker, currently using NVMe storage on the XP platform? If so, what is your experience? Any challenges? Is it simple, or was it more complex than it needed to be?

    NVMe storage seems like it might be overkill, but I'm all about building for overkill to exceed my needs so my needs are never stymied (or so the idea goes).
    secpar, Jan 8, 2021
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