no wifi

While I have no other problems [openoffice installed from usb well and runs well -- but adobe reader install doesn't seem to work], when try to get on-line I encounter I.Explorer saying must shut down as encountered problem; report includes "your license" and wonder if there is some special fee [it doesn't say so] needed to use xp's internet??? I got this hard drive from someone else and maybe it also possible that it won't issue on-line clearance if not in original laptop??? The internet connection is good and check shows "no problems" with device or signal link.
I usually use linux, but thought I'd try out windows, so not accustomed to what is normal for its use.
OK, was able to download firefox to another pc, and then used flash drive to install on my xp professioal; made it my default browser and now have full internet access.
Thanks for all the reads.