No taskbar, weird stuff.

Discussion in 'Windows XP Help and Support' started by random, Aug 4, 2015.

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    Aug 4, 2015
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    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum so please don't judge me for any failures according to the rules or my grammar aswell (not a native english speaker).

    So basically, I've got a huge problem which I haven't found a fix for yet, that's why I'm posting the problem here, to hopefully get your support.
    I'm working for a company that most of the workers have no idea how to fix stuff on PC because we sell stuff for children etc. so all we got to do on PCs is to fill/remove/whatever and that's basically it.
    To be fair I'm not any better, well, I know how to fix basic stuff, crashing explorers etc. but I'm not advanced as in fixing stuff by myself, most of the times I just google the problem and I found the solutions posted by other users, that's how I've learned how to fix stuff.
    Unfortunately as I've said earlier, I haven't found any solutions to the problem yet and I've tried loads of them.

    So, basically what I've been told, one of my friend (a woman, so you know how they explain stuff) was just using the PC, and apparently at a random time, the taskbar just disappeared. I know that this may sound weird to you, that apparently out of nowhere the taskbar just disappeared without anyone causing the problem, but that's what I've been told. All the other stuff like icons are there working, but there's no taskbar.

    Now what have I tried to do:
    - rebooting pc
    - restarting explorer.exe
    - scanning pc with multiple AVs (Malware found 3 viruses, I have no idea which ones because I've left my friend to delete them because I had to go so I didn't see the results)
    - rebooting after scanning (obvious stuff but still gonna post it anyways)
    - tried ctrl+esc, windows key (the taskbar didn't pop*)
    - windows key+R also didn't bring up anything (which should bring up "Run" thing but still didn't*)
    - error-checking (properties of the C disk)
    - deleting StuckRects from the Registry
    - disabling all the startup programs
    - tried to restore the system (but there was no points/days to restore to lol)
    - used VundoFix (no results)
    - finding any processes that could cause the issue but unfortunately didn't find anything dodgy.

    Now, what's weird is that when I booted into Safe Mode, the taskbar was there, working properly, honestly I have no idea what are the main differences that could cause the taskbar to not load up @ Normal Mode.
    So I've put the stars (*) inside the points where I've tried fixing the issue to explain it here - I got into the control panel and there was this option called "Taskbar and start menu", I double-clicked it and I know that this option launched but I couldn't see it anywhere.
    How do I know this? Well, when you launch something (a new window) then the other greyes out if you know what I mean, also I saw that option @ the alt-tab list when I was switching between windows and when I alt-tabbed to that, there was just nothing there, invisible.
    Same goes with windows+R combination, I'm sure that the "Run" window popped out but it's invisible aswell, and I'm not sure if I can click anywhere there to even get anything but I've tried hovering my pointer over there and nothing happened.

    Does any of you have any idea how to fix the problem? I might get a new Windows XP SP3 copy onto my USB to try and repair it but I haven't got 100% chances that it will fix the problem.

    Anyways, thanks in advance!
    random, Aug 4, 2015
  2. random


    Mar 5, 2014
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    By what you describe, the Taskbar is programmed to disappear. To make if re-appear, simply run the mouse down (or up) to where the Taskbar usually is, and it should come up for you. When it appears, from doing this with the mouse, right-click the mouse on the Taskbar, and on the menu that appears, left-click on PROPERTIES. Another menu will appear; read it carefully, and you should see where it is checked to automatically disappear. You can leave it like that and get used to the Taskbar disappearing, or you can uncheck the disappearing act, and the Taskbar should remain permanently visible.
    If this is not the solution to your problem, there is something more seriously wrong with your Operating System (OS) installation, and will likely need hands-on from an experienced technician.
    Hope this helps. Let us know, either way.....
    fingerfood12345, Aug 21, 2015
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