New Hard Drive Recommendation

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The recommendation would depend on a lot of factors, primarily the existing specs of your PC (especially your motherboard), how much space you need and what you are using the drive for.

There are so many options for drives - some are great for speed but don't provide much storage space (SSDs), others are cheap and provide a huge amount of space. There's also the question of the maximum capacity that your motherboard can work with, and perhaps even the type of connection (depending on how old the system is).

The more info you can give us about your existing PC and requirements, the better we can help :).
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The main thing is - Desktop (usually has many bays for HDs) or Laptop (usually has only one slot).

If the computer is a bit old(er), then your bios may determine how big the HD can be. Check the manufacturer's specifications of your pc for the maximum size HD your pc can handle.
I have changed out my whole computer except hard drive, I tried to get a new one at new egg and they acted like I had propositioned them for sex.

I have a dell 2 gb 32 home xp something, it appears it takes a special wire bundle that newer comps don't use.

I call my computer guy about this he acts like I am the anti Christ cause I won't get modern, really really ppppppppppppppps me off.

where can i get a new hard drive :mad:
special wire bundle??

do you mean IDE cable?

the difference between a sata drive and an ide drive are the cable size. ide has a wide flat ribbon and sata has a narrow cable.

with a sata drive you will have to slipstream the sata controller onto you install cd or xp will not install.

is the drive for a tower or a laptop, tower drives are bigger than laptops.??


or check through the listings in THIS SEARCH page

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In general, the average XP user shouldn't need anything bigger than a 40-80GB drive. It's going to depend on your individual needs & what kind of hardware you're running.
sata drive you will have to slipstream

I am fuzzy on this subject.
I recall new egg telling me, I have the old type connection bundle that is not made anymore, as such only used drives were available to me :eek::eek::eek:

Question--does this slipstream trick enable me to put in something newer
or brand new, cause at this point if I get a new hard drive, I have a completely rebuilt computer as all else in my dell e mechine t 2824 is replaced new
The more info you can give us about your existing PC and requirements, the better we can help :).

I am not original thread starter, but I want to get a new hard drive on my
xp home edition dell e machine T 2824 as well,
I use 128 gb flash drives on back for storage so HD room is not a big issue, as I run 20 GB free on disk
is there a way to get a new one, ????????? it uses the wire bundle that no one uses any more